SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 5, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on
Search Engine Land and from other
places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

Was Click
Fraud Criminal Case Dropped Because Google Didn’t Cooperate?
– Via
Techmeme, The Vanishing Click-Fraud Case from BusinessWeek covers how alleged
click fraud extortion case involving Google AdSense was been dropped
apparently because of Google’s unwillingness to share details on how its own
systems work:Jason
Calacanis Keynote Conversation At SES Chicago
– I had a great time
talking with Jason Calacanis in a keynote conversation at SES Chicago this
morning. I’m working on getting the audio file uploaded and will postscript to
this when it is ready, plus it will go live on the Daily SearchCast web site.
Jason covered how he’s taking a position as "Entrepreneur In Action" with
Sequoia Capital, discussed issues about SEO, evil on the internet, spam,
paying Digg and other social bookmarking contributors plus agreed to do a word
association round with me. I’ve only got a few minutes between sessions, so
I’ll point toward coverage spotted via Techmeme.Search
Marketing Now Webcasts & Search Marketing Expo Conferences Announced

I’m happy to announce that Search Engine Land is now joined by two sister
sites: the Search Marketing Now webcast series and the Search Marketing Expo
conference. Search Marketing Now has its inaugural webcast on December 19,
while Search Marketing Expo will have its first event in Seattle on June 4 &
5th. More information below.Google Wants
To Enter Africa Market Via Portugal
– The Sydney Morning Herald
reports that Google is looking to acquire companies in Portugal with aim to
reach the African market. Anil Hansjee, head of European corporate development
at Google said; "We want to enter Africa, not through fixed-line Internet
access but through mobile access. We think it would be easier if we worked
with countries that work directly with these nations." Anil added that the
Portuguese market is a good test bed for larger markets like Africa. Google Tests
Showing Quality Score Data To Advertisers
– PPC Discussions confirms
via Traffick’s interview that Google is really testing displaying some of the
quality score values to AdWords advertisers. Rumors started back when PPC
Discussions found a DigitalPoint Forums discussion thread mentioning that a
particular advertiser was told Google will be testing this. It appears that
based on Andrew Goodman’s interview with Nick Fox, that this is indeed going
to be tested. FYI – Yahoo already shows quality score factors in Panama to the
advertiser. The question all PPC engines live with, is just how much to show
to the advertiser.

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere:

Daily SearchCast,
Dec 5, 2006: Special Edition, Conversation With Jason Calacanis
, Daily
Yahoo ad sales chief says calls for shakeup overblow
Bringing the Next Net to the Mass Market
, The Business Innovation Insider
Ex-AOL exec Pittman named to Spot Runner board
, CNN Money
Yahoo CEO’s Days Numbered?
, Red Herring
SES Day Two Begins With Brunch and Friends
, Cre8PC
Google’s talent may be headed out the door
, CNN Money
Feedster’s New Look and Features Officially Launched
, ResourceShelf
Mobile Web: Seven Wireless Portals and Sites from Seven State Goverments #1
Nationwide Insurance: We will not cover SEO firms
, Threadwatch
Google Adwords To Introduce Predicted Average CPC
, PPC Blog
Pittsburgh Google office opens
The Tartan Online
Ebay picks former Yahoo CTO as China GM
, Reuters
Google Somewhat Froogle At Holiday Press Party
, TechCrunch
2006 Top Searches – And What a Year it Was
, Yahoo Search BlogDid
Google "block" a click-fraud criminal prosection
AOL Officially Announces Updates to My AOL Feed Reader
, ResourceShelf
The Year in Products
, Google 2006<a href="" title="Wink Launches "People

SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 4, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

SES Chicago and SES Paris: A Tale of Two Cities – Plus Session Coverage links
To those who were fortunate enough to attend the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago this week, I hope that you are having a great time. If you hadn’t seen it, Todd Malicoat, aka Stuntdubl, offers 14 Chicago Conference Conversation Creators. He also includes “10 Things You Shouldn’t say at SES Chicago.”Google Battling Baidu for Searchers in China and Japan
The Chicago Tribune took a close and thoughtful look at the search engine market in China, in Baidu vs. Google this weekend (free user registration required). This morning, Baidu announced in a press release that they would be entering the Japanese search market in 2007.Fox To Partner With Yahoo Finance In Video Deal
USA Today reports that Yahoo and Fox are going to announce a deal this week, where Fox enables Yahoo to distribute their video via Yahoo Finance. Fox “will provide clips from Your World with Neil Cavuto and Web-only video, including about 10 daily market reports, breaking news and investment and personal finance stories.”Google Explains Hacked Site Exclusion & Reinclusion Process
Matt Cutts of Google wrote an entry named How Google handles hacked sites. In that post he details on specific example of a site that was hacked, spam was placed on the site, the site was dropped from the Google index, and the site owner was upset and the story made it to Slashdot.Bigmouth Media Merges With Global Media
Brand Republic reports that Bigmouth Media has merged with a German based SEM company named Global Media creating one of the largest, if not the largest, SEM companies in the world. The company is now reportedly worth £150m, which is about $300m US Dollars (I believe).Ask City Launches Amid High Expectations
Barry Diller is putting a lot of pressure on Ask. He keeps talking about Ask’s role in IAC’s overall operation and local in particular. When he acquired Ask for almost $2 billion Diller immediately touted Ask’s ability to knit together his disparate online empire into a more coherent whole. He also started talking about how IAC would own local, with several local brands.Jerry Bussewitz, Husband Of Anne Kennedy, Passes Away
I have some incredibly sad news to pass along, that of the death of Jerry Bussewitz, husband of Anne Kennedy. Anne from Beyond Ink is a regular speaker at many search conferences, and she was often accompanied by Jerry to them. He was an incredibly kind and friendly man that many at conferences also got to know. Everyone that knew him is simply in disbelief over the news. Our hearts go out to Anne and Jerry’s family.

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere:

Editor Version 2.5 Available
, PPC DiscussionsAnother
Yahoo! Executive Steps Down
, Threadwatch.orgYahoo
Study Closes the Loop Between Search, Display
, AdotasGoogle
dresses up
, ValleywagICrossing
Buys Newgate in Search Deal
, AdWeekThe
Retooling of a Search Engine
, The New York TimesStopping
Data From Flying Off to Google
, ComputerworldYahoo
partners with Reuters on eyewitness pictures
, ReutersGoogle
Showing the Quality Score (Test Confirmed)
, PPC DiscussionsGmail
finally shows images for Word attachments
, Googling GoogleThe
Matt Cutts Domain Question Answered
, 10e20Do
People Use Click to Call?
, Search Engine JournalRamping
up for Microsoft adCenter Content Ads
, adCenter BlogYahoo!
TV Gets A New Do
, TechcrunchYahoo!
Says They’re Not Building A Library
, TechcrunchLandmark
Drops Copyright Infringement Subpoenas On Google And Anonymous Critic
Bubble Watcher Watches Google
, New York TimesYahoo
Gets Trashed By Users
, TechcrunchWhat’s
Wrong With Google News
, Line56.comWill
Yahoo!’s Xie Wen Jump to MySpace China?
, SeekingAlphaLanguage:
How Google Translates
, Newsweek

SearchCap: The Day In Search, Dec. 1, 2006

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web:

From Search Engine Land:

Adwords Editor Does Not Always Transfer Geo-Targeting Data
Google’s AdWords Editor program, which makes it easy to perform account management of your campaigns directly from your desktop, may come with one large pitfall. Simon Heseltine reports that while performing campaign maintenance on his account, he noticed that impressions and clicks data was much higher than normal. After further investigation, he learned that it was a geo-targeting issue. Google replied saying;Google Gives Stanford Law Internet Center $2 Million
The San Jose Business Journal reports that Google has pledged $2 million to Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society (CIS). Larry Kramer, professor and dean, said;Google’s Nick Fox Answers Tough Questions On AdWords Quality Scores
Andrew Goodman interviewed Nick Fox, Google’s Senior Product Manager for Ads Quality, about the most recent AdWords algorithm change. Some highlights from Andrew’s interview include that Google seems to have two quality scores algorithms for (1) setting the minimum bids and (2) for ad rankings. He also gets into some of the internal debates Google is going through when it comes to using how much of which algorithms at what points. This was a very good and insightful interview, definitely worth a read or two.Windows Live Search Beta For Mobile
The Live Search Blog announced the release of Live Search Mobile client for your mobile device. The mobile client allows you to use Windows Live’s “local search, maps, driving directions, and live traffic information.” I have not downloaded it to my Treo, but I like Gizmodo’s Windows Live Search For Mobile vs. Google Maps Mobile write up.8 Googler Alternatives To Superstar Matt Cutts
If the search engine optimization world has a rock star, ironically the king isn’t an actual SEO but rather mild mannered Matt Cutts of Google. His title of software engineer belies his role as spam czar from Google. If Google’s web search results are a castle constantly under siege, Matt Cutts is the one high on the walls, swinging his sword and calling to his fellow Googlers to repel the attackers with hot oil of site expulsions and link downgrades.Search Engine Property Stats: Google & Yahoo
Last night Bill Tancer complied an “extended” list of statistics and numbers on Google’s Properties, which shows the market share of all of Google’s properties as they compete with each other. With no surprise, Google’s search product captures the bulk of the share with over 78% share, followed by image search with slightly over 9% share and then Gmail with almost 5.5% share.Hello Search Engine Land Readers From Barry Schwartz
Hey all! I just wanted to say a quick hello to all the readers. I cannot express enough how excited I am to be part of this very new adventure, with Danny, Chris and the rest of the crew.

Search News Headlines From Elsewhere: Now Featuring Google Search, Search Engine JournalYahoo to offer BBC news video, ReutersGmail Displays Outlook Invitation, Google BlogoscopedHealth care information matters, Google BlogNew GData API: Spreadsheets, Google Code BlogAnti-Jotspot/Google Post Deleted Under Pressure, TechcrunchWe Are Three: Search Engine Roundtable’s 3rd Birthday, Search Engine RoundtableCounting Total Number of My Blog Posts, Cartoon BarryYahoo! Pulls Tax Information Update Function From YPN Portal Temporarily, Search Engine RoundtableGoogle Local Search Patent Application on Ranking Businesses at a Location, SEO By The SeaCompilation: A Quick Review of AOL Product Blogs, ResourceShelfWorld aids day.., SEO Home UK

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