Search Engine Land's Community Corner: Local SEO survey results, a new book on influencer marketing & SEO Christmas jumpers

As we head into the slow holiday stretch, the news likewise takes a breather. Of course Google did surprise the search community this week by confirming some algo updates, starting a new webmaster video series, and moving Eric Schmidt into a non-Executive Chairman of the Board position. Elsewhere we had these announcements and events happening throughout the search marketing industry:

UK SEO agency Reflectdigital optimized holiday celebrations by creating seo-themed Christmas jumpers (it’s ugly Christmas sweater time folks!), in conjunction with the Save the Children charity’s annual Christmas Jumper Day fundraising last week. Longtime SEO and digital marketer Joe Sinkwitz published a 264-page ebook “The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing“ Brightlocal released the results of their Local SEO Industry Survey

Our own Barry Schwartz continues his “Honor an SEO/SEM” series at his blog, and this (and last) weeks’ honored nominees included:

Cindy Krum Cindy has been doing SEO for mobile before the iPhone existed and I’ve had the pleasure of calling her friend and colleague for as long. If you’ve got mobile optimization questions – she has the answers. Learn more about Cindy.

Dave Davies One part of the two part duo from Beanstalk featured this week, read about why Jeremy Knauff nominated Dave here.

Mary Davies The other half of the dynamic duo from Beanstalk, Mary talks about the importance of connecting with people in the industry.

Jim Boykin Nominated by Donna Cavalier, read about the long and storied history of this industry veteran here.

Michelle Robbins Well this is awkward 🙂 Thanks to Emily Grossman and Barry for their incredibly kind and generous words here.

Doc Sheldon A true scholar and gentleman in search marketing, Doc was also nominated by Donna Cavalier, who notes his ability to approach issues from unique angles, and is an incredibly talented writer to boot. Learn more about Doc here.

Alan George An indispensable member of the SEMpdx organization, Alan was nominated by James Svoboda who calls out his instrumental role in fostering the development of local search marketing organizations. More about Alan here.

Melissa Fach This years’ “Search Personality of the Year”, Melissa is a tireless advocate for the community and shares her time and talents selflessly. Nominated by Kate Morris and Jenny Halasz, learn more Melissa here.

Bill Slawski Almost single-handedly educating the search community on all things patents and papers, Bill stands apart from most industry veterans with his academic focus and ability to distill what can often be complex ideas into useful and digestible “here’s what this means and how it will impact the work search marketers do” summaries. Nominated by Gary Steele and an anonymous marketer, you can read more about Bill here.

Julie Joyce This longtime link lady has several nominations – and deservedly so! Julie has been building – and advocating for best practices of building – high quality links for as long as I can remember ever learning about the discipline. She shares openly with the community and is an asset in our ranks. Learn more about her here.

John Doherty Compared to some of the others featured these past two weeks, John is a relative newcomer. But in his time in search he’s developed the much deserved reputation of being not only incredibly bright, but also incredibly kind. Get to know John here.

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Search Engine Land's Community Corner: Dixon Jones retiring from Majestic, UK Search Awards winners & how to speak at SMX

This week’s roundup of news, announcements and events happening throughout the search marketing industry includes:

Industry veteran and Majestic SEO CMO Dixon Jones announced he’ll be retiring from Majestic in November 2018, and will move into Global Brand Ambassador role at Majestic until that time. He’s been a key member of the search community since founding the UK’s first search consultancy in 1999, and contributing as a WebmasterWorld forum moderator since 2004. We at Search Engine Land wish Dixon the best and look forward to what’s next for him!

The UK Search Awards were held last week – cheers to all the winners!

We’ve also opened up the session pitch & session ideas forms for our two upcoming Search Marketing Expo events – SMX West and SMX London. Please consider submitting your SMX West (San Jose – March 13-15, 2018) speaking pitch here; and if you have a terrific session idea for SMX London (May 22-23, 2018), please submit that here.

Our own Barry Schwartz continues his “Honor an SEO/SEM” series at his blog, and this weeks’ honored nominees included:

Ammon Johns: Ammon is an SEO industry veteran – also known to other veterans as Black Knight. Described by Nick Wilsdon as “one the great thinkers in the industry” and as noted by Doc Sheldon (who also nominated him), “he has probably forgotten more than most of us will ever know about SEO.” Read more about Ammon here.

Lisa Barone: I recall first meeting Lisa at our inaugural SMX Advanced conference in 2006. A gifted writer, intrepid live blogger, and mentor for so many in our industry, it’s been amazing to see her grow from her role back then at Bruce Clay to become CMO of Overit. She was nominated by Melissa Fach and an anonymous member of our community. Get to know more about Lisa here.

Barry Adams: Described by Paul Cawley as having “an insatiable appetite to continually improve,” Barry is also one of the more outspoken members of the SEO community, willing to call it as he sees it where others might pull punches. You can review his full profile here.

Kim Krause Berg: One of the first people in our industry to focus on site usability, experience, and how those elements tie into web design and SEO, Kim’s been sharing her expertise with the community for over 2 decades now. Donna Cavalier nominated Kim, and you can learn more about her via the profile here.

Rand Fishkin: “humble, passionate, honest, kind, generous, smart, funny …” these are just a few of the ways the many folks that nominated this industry luminary describe Rand. I for one will always recall the first time I met him (Pubcon 2005) thinking “It’s about time someone threw Anton (Konikoff) some competition in the ‘snappy dresser’ department!” His legacy in our community spans far beyond those bright yellow shoes however, and you can see the accolades and his profile here.

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Introducing the Search Engine Land Community Corner

The search community has long fostered collaboration, knowledge sharing and comraderie among its members. Beginning today, we’re going to regularly feature news about what people are up to, where they’re headed, awards received and other notes about those that make up our diverse industry. Keep an eye on our “Community Corner” feature to stay up to date with your colleagues.

To kick off this new feature, we’ll be rounding up the first set of “Honor an SEO/SEM” nominees that have been submitted by community members at Search Engine Roundtable.

Ross Dunn: Truly an “OG” (original gangster ☺) in the world of SEO, Ross has been helping businesses with SERP success since 1997. He was nominated by Jim Hedger, which itself speaks volumes for his contributions to our community. Get to know more about Ross here.

Jill Whalen: Jill was one of the first SEOs I recall meeting — at the very first Google Dance. Fiercely smart and always kind, she’s of course also an OG in our community, and her legacy remains noteworthy. Read about it here, and why Dianna Huff honors Jill.

Jim Hedger: Another one of the originals in the SEO community, Jim’s been a mentor to so many others, consistently sharing both knowledge and kindness for two decades now. Melissa Fach nominated Jim, learn more about him via the profile here.

Marie Haynes: An industry luminary since 2008, if you have the opportunity to see Marie speak at an SEO conference, do not pass it up. Andrew Cock-Starkey nominated Marie specifically for this willingness to share her knowledge, and you can review her full profile here.

Alan Bleiweiss: Nominated by both Susan Wenograd and Kelsey Jones, who note him as “a tireless mentor and friend” and “a true advocate for the industry”, Alan has focused on forensic SEO audits and sharing what he learns with the industry since 2012. Get to know more about one of SEO’s most outspoken members here.

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